A to Z of Diseases

A to Z of Diseases and Ailments

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Abdomen colic Gas and gas pains Norovirus infection
Abdomen distension Gastric cancer Nose bleeding
Abdomen rumbling Gastric emptying delayed Nose obstruction
Abortion habitual Gastric emptying rapid Nose polyps
Abrasions Gastric ulcer Nymphomania
Abscess Gastritis Obesity
Absence seizure Gastroenteritis viral Obesity childhood
Absentmindedness Gastroesophageal reflux Obsessive compulsive disorder
Abuse physical sexual Gastroparesis Obstructive sleep apnea
Acanthosis nigricans Gaucher’s disease Occupational asthma
Achilles tendon rupture Genetic diseases OCD
Achilles tendonitis Genital herpes Ocular albinism
Acid reflux Genital warts Ocular melanoma
Acidity Geographic tongue Oculocutaneous albinism
Acne German measles Oily skin
Acne scars Gestational diabetes Old age
Acoustic neuroma Giant cell arteritis Onychomycosis
Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome Giant lymph node hyperplasia Operation after complaints
Acromegaly Giardia infection Oppositional defiant disorder
Actinic keratosis Giddiness Optic atrophy
Addiction Gigantism Optic neuritis
Addiction alcohol Gilbert’s syndrome Oral and throat cancer
Addiction drug Gingivitis Oral candidiasis
Addiction gambling Glaucoma Oral lichen planus
Addiction internet & chatting Globoid cell leukodystrophy Oral thrush
Addiction nicotine smoking Glomerulonephritis Orchitis
Addiction sex pornography Glossodynia Orgasm
Addiction shopping Glucocerebrosidase deficiency Oropharyngeal cancer
Addison’s disease Gluten sensitive enteropathy Orthostatic hypotension
Adenitis mesenteric Goiter Osgood schlatter disease
Adenoids Golfer’s elbow Osteoarthritis
Adenomyosis Gonorrhea Osteochondritis
ADHD Gout Osteomalacia
Adhesive capsulitis Grand mal seizure Osteomyelitis
Adjustment disorders Granuloma annulare Osteonecrosis
Adolescence disorders Granulomatosis allergic Osteophytes
Adrenal gland tumor Granulomatosis wegener’s Osteoporosis
Adrenal insufficiency Graves’ disease Otitis externa
Adult respiratory distress syndrome Grey Hair Otitis media
Adult Still’s disease Grief Ovarian cancer
Age related hearing loss Gross hematuria Ovarian Cyst
Age spots Growing pains Overactive bladder
Agoraphobia Growth poor or delayed Overactive thyroid
AIDS Growth hormone excess Overweight
Airplane ear Growth slow children Ovulation disorders
Albinism Growth stunted Oxyphil cell carcinoma
Albuminuria Guillain barre syndrome PAD
Alcohol craving and addiction Gums bleeding Paget’s disease of bone
Alcoholic hepatitis Gums infection Paget’s disease of the breast
Alcoholism Gym trauma Pain
Aldosteronoma Gynecomastia Pain arthritis
Allergic angiitis H pylori infection Pain cancer
Allergic granulomatosis Habitual Abortion Pain abdomen
Allergic rhinitis Hair dry lusterless Pain back
Allergy Hair falling Pain bone
Allergy dust Hair grey Pain breast
Allergy egg Hair pulling disorder Pain chest
Allergy metal Hairy cell leukemia Pain colic
Allergy pollens Halitosis Pain cough
Allergy smell Hallucination Pain dental
Allergy smoke Hand foot and mouth disease Pain elbow
Allopathy medicine abuse Hand pain Pain feet
Allopathy medicine side effects Hangovers Pain gall stone colic
Alopecia Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome Pain head
ALS Hardening of the arteries Pain headache
Alveolar osteitis Hashimoto’s disease Pain heart
Alzheimer’s disease Hay fever Pain hip
Amblyopia Head crust Pain joints
Amenorrhea Head lice Pain kidney
American trypanosomiasis Head trauma Pain knee
Amnesia Headache Pain lungs
Amnesia dissociative Headache gastric Pain muscles
Amnesia transient global Headache migraine Pain neck
Amnestic syndrome Headache sinus Pain nerves
Amyloidosis Headache sleep loss Pain neuralgia
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Headache sun Pain renal colic
Anal cancer Headache vision Pain sex from
Anal fissure Hearing loss Pain shoulder
Anal fistula Heart arrhythmias Pain sinus
Anal itching Heart beat irregular Pain spinal
Anaphylaxis Heart failure Pain stomach
Anaplasmosis Heart murmurs Pain teeth
Anemia Heartburn Pain throat
Anemia aplastic Heat exhaustion Pain wrist
Anemia Cooley’s Heat stroke Painful bladder syndrome
Anemia iron deficiency Heavy menstrual periods Painful intercourse coition
Anemia Mediterranean Hebephrenic schizophrenia Painful periods
Anemia sickle cell Heel pain Painful sex
Anemia vitamin deficiency Height gain Palpitation
Aneurysm aortic Height short Palsy Bell’s
Aneurysm brain Helicobacter pylori Palsy cerebral
Aneurysm cerebral Heller’s syndrome Palsy facial
Angelman syndrome Hemangioma Palsy progressive supranuclear
Anger violent uncontrolled Hematoma intracranial Pancreatic cancer
Angiitis Hematuria Pancreatic cysts
Angiitis allergic Hemochromatosis Pancreatitis
Angina Hemolytic uremic syndrome Panic attacks
Angina pectoris Hemophilia Paralysis
Angioedema Hemorrhage Paralysis face
Angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia Hemorrhoids Paraneoplastic syndromes
Animal phobia Henoch schonlein purpura Paranoid personality disorder
Ankle fracture Hepatitis Paranoid schizophrenia
Ankle sprain Hepatitis alcoholic Paraplegia
Ankylosing Spondylitis Hepatitis autoimmune Parkinson’s disease
Anorexia Hepatitis toxic Parvovirus infection
Anorexia nervosa Hepatocellular carcinoma Patellar tendinitis
Anthrax Hepatomegaly Patent ductus arteriosus
Antibiotic associated colitis Hereditary hemochromatosis Patent foramen ovale
Antibiotic associated diarrhea Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy PCOS
Antiphospholipid syndrome Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer syndrome Peanut allergy
Antisocial personality disorder Hereditary progressive arthro ophthalmopathy Pediculosis capitis
Anxiety Hernia Peeling Skin
Anxiety generalized Herpes Pelvic inflammatory disease
Anxiety social Herpes genital Pelvic pain chronic
Aortic valve regurgitation Herpes simplex Pemphigus
Aortic valve stenosis Herpes zoster Penicillin allergy
Aphasia Hiatal hernia Penis bent
Aphthous ulcer Hiccough Hiccups Penis small
Aplastic anemia Hidradenitis suppurativa Pent up emotions
Apnea sleep High blood cholesterol Peptic ulcer
Appendicitis High blood pressure Perforated eardrum
Appetite excess Hip labral tear Pericarditis
Appetite poor Hirschsprung’s disease Perimenopause
Argentine hemorrhagic fever Hirsutism Periodontitis
Arrhythmia Histoplasmosis Peripheral arterial disease
Arteriosclerosis Histrionic personality disorder Peripheral neuropathy
Arteriosclerosis HIV Peripheral vascular disease
Arteritis giant cell Hives Peritoneal mesothelioma
Arteritis Takayasu’s Hoarding Peritonitis
Arthritis Hoarse voice Pernicious anemia
Arthritis gouty Hodgkin’s disease Peroneal muscular atrophy
Arthritis infectious Homosexuality Personality disorder antisocial
Arthritis osteoarthritis Hordeolum Personality disorder narcissistic
Arthritis psoriatic Hormonal Disorders Personality disorder schizoid
Arthritis reactive Human immunodeficiency virus Personality disorders
Arthritis rheumatoid Human papillomavirus infection Pertussis
Arthritis septic Hunchback Pervasive disintegrative disorder
Asbestosis Hunger excess Pes planus
Ascariasis Hunger lack Pet allergy
Ascites Hunter syndrome Petit mal seizure
Asperger’s syndrome Huntington’s disease Peyronie’s disease
Aspergillosis Hunt’s syndrome Phantom pain
Asthma Hurthle cell cancer Pharyngitis
Asthma childhood Hutchison gilford progeria syndrome Phenylketonuria
Asthma exercise induced Hydrocele Pheochromocytoma
Asthma occupational Hydrocephalus Phlebitis
Astigmatism Hyperacidity Phobia
Ataxia Hypercalcemia Phobia social
Atherosclerosis Hypercholesterolemia Photophobia
Athlete’s foot Hypercortisolism Photosensitivity
Atopic dermatitis Hyperhidrosis Pick’s disease
Atrial fibrillation Hypermenorrhea PID
Atrophic vaginitis Hyperopia Pigmentation
Attachment disorder Hyperparathyroidism Piles
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Hypersexuality Pilonidal cyst
Atypical hyperplasia of the breast Hypertension Pilonidal dimple
Autism Hypertension or High BP Pimples
Auto immune Diseases & Disorders Hyperthyroidism Pinched nerve
Autoimmune hepatitis Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Pink eye
Autonomic neuropathy Hypoactive sexual desire disorder Pinworm infection
Avascular necrosis Hypochondria Pituitary insufficiency
Avian influenza Hypocortisolism Pituitary tumors
Avoidant personality disorder Hypoglycemia Pityriasis rosea
Back stiffness Hypogonadism male PKD
Backache or Back Pain Hypohydration PKU
Bacterial vaginitis Hyponatremia Placental abruption
Bacterial vaginosis Hypoparathyroidism Plague
Bad breath Hypopituitarism Plantar fasciitis
Baker’s cyst Hypospadias Plantar neuroma
Baldness Hypotension Low BP Plantar warts
Barber’s itch Hypothermia Pleural mesothelioma
Barlow’s syndrome Hypothyroidism Pleurisy
Barotitis media Hysteria PMS
Barotrauma IBD Pneumonia
Barrett’s esophagus IBS Pneumonitis
Bartholin cyst Ice cream headache Pneumothorax
Basal cell carcinoma Ichthyosis vulgaris Poison ivy rash
BDD Icterus infant jaundice Poisonous bites
Bed sores Icthyosis Poliomyelitis
Bed Wetting Identity disorder dissociative Polycystic kidney disease
Bedbugs Idiopathic intracranial hypertension Polycystic ovarian disease
Bedwetting Idiopathic myelofibrosis Polycythemia vera
Behavior disorders Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura Polymorphous light eruption
Behcet’s disease IgA nephropathy Polymyalgia rheumatica
Belching Illusion Polymyositis
Bell’s palsy Immune thrombocytopenic purpura Polyps endometrial
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo Immunity poor Polyps nasal
Benign prostatic hyperplasia Impacted wisdom teeth Polyps stomach & colon
Berger’s disease Impetigo Polyps uterine
Bile duct cancer Impotence Pompholyx
Bile reflux Incontinence bowel or fecal Poor color vision
Binge drinking Incontinence urinary Poor Growth
Binge eating disorder Indigestion Popliteal cyst
Bipolar disorder Indigestion nonulcer Pornography addiction
Bird flu Infant acid reflux Porphyria
Black skin Infant jaundice Post concussion syndrome
Blackheads Infection bone Post polio syndrome
Bladder calculi Infection ear Post traumatic stress disorder
Bladder cancer Infection joints Posterior cruciate ligament injury
Bladder control loss of Infection lungs Postherpetic neuralgia
Bladder infection Infection recurrent Postmyocardial infarction syndrome
Bladder prolapse Infection resistant Postpartum depression
Bladder stones Infection teeth Postpartum hypopituitarism
Blastocystis hominis infection Infection urine Postural hypotension
Bleeding excessive Infectious arthritis Prader labhart willi syndrome
Blepharitis Inferiority complex Prader willi syndrome
Blind loop syndrome Infertility female Precocious puberty
Blindness Infertility male Prediabetes
Blood cholesterol high Inflammation Preeclampsia
Blood creatinin high Inflammatory bowel disease Preexcitation syndrome
Blood in urine Inflammatory breast cancer Pregnancy related ailments
Blood pressure high Influenza Pregnancy related hypertension
Blood pressure low Influenza avian Prehypertension
Blood sugar high Ingrown toenails Premature birth
Blood urea high Inguinal hernia Premature ejaculation
Blood uric acid high Injury Premature greying of hair
Body dysmorphic disorder Injury back Premature menopause
Body odor Injury bones Premature ovarian failure
Body Rashes Injury head Premature puberty
Boils Injury joints Premature ventricular contractions
Bone cancer Injury neck Premenstrual syndrome
Bone infection Injury nerves Presbycusis
Bone loss Injury old Presbyopia
Bone spurs Injury shoulder Pressure sores
Bones weak Insect phobia Priapism
Borborgymus Insomnia Prickly Heat
Borderline personality disorder Insulin resistance syndrome Primary aldosteronism
Botulism Intermittent explosive disorder Primary biliary cirrhois
Bowel incontinence Internet addiction Primary cough headache
BPH Interstitial cystitis Primary immunodeficiency
Brachial plexus injury Interstitial lung disease Primary ovarian insufficiency
Bradycardia Intestinal ischemia Primary polycythemia
Bradycardia tachycardia syndrome Intestinal lipodystrophy Primary progressive aphasia
Brain aneurysm Intestinal obstruction Primary sclerosing cholangitis
Brain atrophy Intestinal worms Proctitis
Brain fag Intracranial hematoma Progeria
Brain hemorrhage Intraductal carcinoma Progressive supranuclear palsy
Brain tumor Intraocular melanoma Prolactinoma
Brain weakness Intussusception Prolapse anus
Breast cancer Involuntary stool Prolapse bladder
Breast development poor Involuntary urination Prolapse mitral valve
Breast hanging & loose Iron deficiency anemia Prolapse uterus
Breast infection Iron overload Prostate cancer
Breast male Irregular menstruation Prostate enlargement
Breast milk lack of Irritability Prostate hypertrophy
Breast pain Irritable bladder Prostate swelling
Breast small Irritable bowel syndrome Prostatitis
Breathing difficult Ischemia intestinal Proteinuria
Breathing painful Ischemic colitis Pruritis ani
Breathlessness Ischemic priapism Pruritus
Bronchiolitis Itching Pseudogout
Bronchitis Jaundice Pseudomembranous colitis
Brucellosis Jealousy Pseudotumor cerebri
Bruises Jock itch Psoriasis
Bruxism Joint dislocation tendency Psoriatic arthritis
Buerger’s disease Joint infections Psychopathic personality
Bulimia nervosa Joint sprain PTSD
Bullous pemphigoid Joints crackling Puberty complaints
Bundle branch block Joints loose and weak Public speaking fear
Bunions Jumper’s knee Pulmonary edema
Burning mouth syndrome Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Pulmonary embolism
Burning tongue Juvenile schizophrenia Pulmonary fibrosis
Burning urine Kawasaki disease Pulmonary hypertension
Burns Keloids Pulmonary valve stenosis
Bursitis Keratoconjunctivitis sicca Pulse irregular
Call centre job complaints Keratosis actinic Pulse slow
Calluses Keratosis pilaris PVCs
Cancer Keratosis seborrheic PVD
Cancer Ketoacidosis diabetic Pyelonephritis
Candidiasis Kidney cancer Pyloric stenosis
Canker sores Kidney colic Pyoderma gangrenosum
Carbuncles Kidney failure Pyorrhea
Carcinoid syndrome Kidney infection Q fever
Carcinoid tumors Kidney stones Quadriplegia
Cardiomyopathy Kissing disease Query fever
Carotid artery disease Kleptomania Rabbit fever
Carpal tunnel syndrome Knee bursitis Rabies
Castleman disease Knee jumper’s Radiation sickness
Cataract Knee lock Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Catatonic schizophrenia Knee pain Rape
Causalgia Knock knee Rapid gastric emptying
Cavities teeth Krabbe disease Rapid heartbeat
Celiac disease Kyphosis Raynaud’s disease
Cellulitis Lactase deficiency Razor Burns
Central sleep apnea Lactose intolerance Reactive arthritis
Cercarial dermatitis Laryngitis Reactive attachment disorder
Cerebral aneurysm Lassa fever Reading disability specific
Cerebral hemorrhage Lateral epicondylitis Rebound headache
Cerebral palsy Latex allergy Rectal cancer
Cerumen impaction Lazy eye Rectal inflammation
Cervical cancer LCIS Rectal itching
Cervical dystonia Lead poisoning Rectal ulcer
Cervical spondylosis Left ventricular hypertrophy Rectocele
Cervicitis Leg cramps Recurrent Infections
Chafing Legg calve perthes disease Red eye
Chagas disease Legionellosis Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome
Chalazion Legionnaires’ disease Reflux bile
Character weak Leiomyomas Reflux gastroesophageal
Charcot marie tooth disease Lentigines solar Regurgitation aortic valve
Chatting addiction Lethargy Regurgitation mitral valve
Chest burning Leucoderma Reiter’s syndrome
Chest pain Leucorrhea Renal cell carcinoma
Chest wall pain Leukemia Renal colic
Chicken pox Leukoplakia Renal failure
Child abuse Lewy body dementia Renal stones
Childhood asthma Lice Resistant Infections
Childhood disintegrative disorder Lichen nitidus Respiration difficult
Childhood obesity Lichen planus Respiration painful
Childhood schizophrenia Lichen sclerosus Respiratory syncytial virus
Chlamydia Lichen simplex chronicus Restless feet
Cholangiocarcinoma Ligament sprain Restless legs syndrome
Cholangitis primary sclerosing Ligament tear Restlessness
Cholera Limited scleroderma Retinal detachment
Cholestasis of pregnancy Lipodystrophy intestinal Retinitis
Cholesterol high blood Lipoma Retinitis Pigmentosa
Chondromalacia patella Listeria infection Retinoblastoma
Chorea Huntington’s Listeriosis Retinopathy diabetic
Chronic adrenal insufficiency Lithiasis renal Retractile testicle
Chronic cough Liver cancer Retrograde ejaculation
Chronic daily headache Liver enlarged Rett syndrome
Chronic exertional compartment syndrome Liver failure Reye’s syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome Liver spots Rheumatic fever
Chronic heart disease Lobular carcinoma in situ Rheumatism
Chronic hives Lock jaw Rheumatoid arthritis
Chronic kidney failure Long QT syndrome Rheumatoid spondylitis
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Lose motion Rhinitis allergic
Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis Loss of Hair Rhinitis non allergic
Chronic myelogenous leukemia Lou gehrig’s disease Rhinitis vasomotor
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Love disappointment Rickets
Chronic pelvic pain Low blood pressure Rift Valley fever
Chronic poisoning Low blood sugar Ringing in the ear
Chronic renal failure Low body temperature Ringworm
Chronic sinusitis Low immunity Road rage
Chronic vulvar pain Low platelet count Rocky Mountain spotted fever
Churg strauss syndrome Low sex drive Rosacea
Chyluria Lumbar spondylosis Roseola
Cirrhosis liver Lung cancer Rotator cuff injury
Cirrhosis primary biliary Lung collapse Rotavirus
Click murmur syndrome Lung disease interstitial Round back
Cluster headache Lupus RSV
CMV infection Lyme disease Rubella
Coccidioidomycosis Lymph nodes swollen Rubeola
Coffee craving and addiction Lymphadenitis Ruptured eardrum
Cold & coryza frequent Lymphedema Ruptured spleen
Cold common Lymphocytic colitis Sacral dimple
Cold sores Lymphoma hodgkin’s Sacroiliitis
Colic Lymphoma non-Hodgkin’s SAD
Colitis Lynch syndrome Sadness
Colitis collagenous Macular degeneration Salivary gland cancer
Colitis ischemic Mad cow disease Salivation excess
Colitis lymphocytic Malaria Salmonella infection
Colitis microscopic Male breast cancer Salmonellosis
Colitis pseudomembranous Male hypogonadism Sarcoidosis
Colitis ulcerative Mammary duct ectasia Sarcoma bone cancer
Collapsed lung Mania Sarcoma soft tissue
Colon cancer Manic depressive illness SARS
Colon polyps Marburg virus Scabies
Colonic ischemia Marfan syndrome Scalded mouth syndrome
Colorblindness Mastalgia Scar
Colorectal cancer Mastitis Scar marks
Coma Masturbation Scarlatina
Common Cold MD Scarlet fever
Compartment syndrome chronic exertional Measles Schizoaffective disorder
Complex regional pain syndrome Measles German Schizoid personality disorder
Complicated grief Medial tibial stress syndrome Schizophrenia
Compulsive gambling Mediterranean anemia Schizotypal personality disorder
Compulsive hoarding syndrome Megacolon Sciatica
Compulsive sexual behavior Megaloblastic anemia Scleroderma
Compulsive stealing Melanoma Sclerosing cholangitis
Concentration poor Memory loss Sclerosis amyotrophic lateral
Condylomata acuminata Memory weakness Sclerosis multiple
Confidence lack of Meniere’s disease Sclerosis systemic
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia Meningioma Scoliosis
Congenital megacolon Meningitis Scorpion Bite
Congestive heart failure Meniscus tear Scrofula
Conjunctivitis Menopausal disorders Scrotal masses
Conn’s syndrome Menopausal syndrome Scurvy
Constipation Menopause Sea sickness
Constitution weak Menorrhagia Seasonal affective disorder
Contact dermatitis Menstrual bleeding excessive Seasonal allergy
Conversion disorder Menstrual cramps Seasonal diseases
Convulsions Menstrual cycle irregular Sebaceous cysts
Cooley’s anemia Menstrual disorders Seborrheic dermatitis
COPD Menstruation complaints Seborrheic keratosis
Corns Mental exertion bad effects Seborrhoea
Coronary artery disease Meralgia paresthetica Seizure absence
Coronary heart Disease Merkel cell carcinoma Seizure disorder
Costochondritis Mesenteric artery ischemia Seizure febrile
Costosternal chondrodynia Mesenteric lymphadenitis Seizure grand mal
Costosternal syndrome Mesothelioma Seizure petit mal
Cough Metabolic syndrome Seizure temporal lobe
Cough & Cold Metatarsalgia Self control loss
Cough allergic MGUS Self esteem poor
Cough asthma Microscopic colitis Self injury or cutting
Cough chronic Microscopic hematuria Sepsis
Cough dry Middle ear infection Septal defect atrial
Cough dust Migraine and Headache Septal defect atrioventricular
Cough loose Mild cognitive impairment Septal defect ventricular
Cough night Milk allergy Septic arthritis
Cough painful Milk breast lack of Serotonin syndrome
Cracked chapped and dry lips Milk intolerance Severe acute respiratory syndrome
Cracked Heels Mind confusion Severe brain injury coma
Cramp muscles Mind dullness and weakness Sex addiction and abuse
Cramps menstrual Miscarriage Sex desire lack and aversion
Cranial arteritis Mitral valve regurgitation Sex fear or phobia
CREST syndrome Mitral valve stenosis Sex headache
Creutzfeldt jakob disease Mittelschmerz Sex painful
Crohn’s disease Mixed connective tissue disease Sex pleasure loss
Croup Mold allergy Sexual weakness and power loss
Cryptorchidism Moles Sexually abused
Cryptosporidiosis Molluscum contagiosum Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Curvature of the penis Mononucleosis Sheehan’s syndrome
Curvature of the spine Mood disorders Shellfish allergy
Cushing’s syndrome Morning sickness Shigella infection
Cuts on tongue Morphea Shin splints
Cutting self-injury Morton’s neuroma Shingles
Cyclic vomiting syndrome Motion sickness Shopping addiction
Cyclospora infection Mountain sickness Short stature
Cyclothymia Mouth cancer Shoulder dislocation tendency
Cyst Bartholin Mouth dry Shy drager syndrome
Cyst ganglion Mouth odor Shyness
Cyst ovarian Mouth ulcer Sick sinus syndrome
Cyst pancreatic MRSA infection Sickle cell anemia
Cyst pilonidal MS Sin nombre virus infection
Cyst spermatic Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome Singultus
Cystic fibrosis Mucopolysaccharidosis type II Sinus headache
Cystitis Multiple myeloma Sinusitis
Cystitis interstitial Multiple personality disorder Sjogren’s syndrome
Cystocele Multiple sclerosis Skeletal Diseases
Cysts epidermoid Multiple system atrophy Skin cancer
Cysts sebaceous Mumps Skin cracks
Cytomegalovirus infection Munchausen syndrome Skin dry
Dandruff Muscle cramps Skin hairy
Dark Circles eyes Muscle strain Skin itchy
Dark Skin Muscles weak Skin pigmentation
Dark underarms Muscular dystrophy Skin rough
Daytime sleepiness Myasthenia gravis Skin unhealthy
DCIS Myelodysplastic syndromes Slapped cheek disease
De quervain’s tenosynovitis Myelofibrosis Sleep apnea
Deaddiction Myelomeningocele Sleep disorders
Decreased tear production Myocardial infarction Sleep excess
Deep vein thrombosis Myocarditis Sleep lack
Deer fly fever Myoclonus Sleep light
Defective Vision Myofascial pain syndrome Sleep poor
Deformed joints Myomas Sleep restless
Deformity in body Myopia Sleep short
Delayed gastric emptying Nail brittle Sleep talking
Delirium Nail deformed Sleep walking
Delirium tremens Nail fungus Sleepiness daytime
Delivery complaints Nail thick Sleeplessness
Delivery post complaints Narcissistic personality disorder Slipped disc
Delusion Narcolepsy Smell loss
Dementia Nasal polyps Smell mouth
Dengue fever Nasopharyngeal carcinoma Smoking
Dengue hemorrhagic fever Nausea and Vomiting Smoking craving and addiction
Dependent personality disorder Nausea headache during Snake Bite
Depersonalization disorder Nausea journey Sneezing excessive
Depression Nausea morning Snoring
Depression postpartum Nausea pregnancy Social anxiety disorder
Dermatitis Nausea riding Social fear or phobia
Dermatitis atopic eczema Nearsightedness Sociopathic personality
Dermatitis cercarial Neck pain Soft tissue sarcoma
Dermatitis contact Nephritis Solar keratosis
Dermatitis seborrheic Nephroblastoma Solar lentigines
Dermatographia Nephrotic syndrome Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome
Dermatomyositis Nervous Exhaustion Somnambulism
Dermatophytosis Nervous personality Sore throat
Detoxification Nervous system paraneoplastic syndromes Soy allergy
Development slow in children Neuralgia Spasmodic torticollis
Deviated nasal septum Neuralgia postherpetic Specific reading disability
Diabetes gestational Neuralgia trigeminal Speech delayed
Diabetes hypoglycemia Neuresthenia Speech disorders
Diabetes insipidus Neuritis Speech incoherent or unclear
Diabetes Mellitus Neuroblastoma Spermatocele
Diabetes type 1 Neurodermatitis Spinal cord injury
Diabetes type 2 Neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin Spinal curvature
Diabetic coma Neuroma acoustic Spinal headache
Diabetic ketoacidosis Neuroma morton’s Spinal stenosis
Diabetic retinopathy Neuroma plantar Spinal tumor
Diaper rash Neuropathy autonomic Spine injury
Diaphragmatic hernia Neuropathy hereditary motor and sensory Splenomegaly
Diarrhea Neuropathy peripheral Spondylitis
Diarrhea antibiotic associated Nevi Spondylosis cervical
Diarrhea traveler’s Nickel allergy Sports injuries
Difficulty swallowing Nicotine craving and addiction Sprained ankle
Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis Night blindness Sprains
DiGeorge syndrome Night walking Spring ailments
Digestion weak Nightmares Sprue celiac
Dilated cardiomyopathy Nodules Squamous cell carcinoma
Diphtheria Nodules breast Squint
Diplopia Nodules thyroid Stable angina
Disc Prolapse Noise related hearing loss Stage fear or phobia
Discharge ear Non alcoholic fatty liver disease Stagnant syndrome
Disintegrative psychosis Non allergic rhinitis Stammering
Dislocation hip Non hodgkin’s lymphoma Staphyloccocal infections
Dislocation joint Non ischemic priapism Statis syndrome
Dislocation shoulder Non tropical sprue STD
Disorganized schizophrenia Non ulcer stomach pain Steatosis
Dissecting aneurysm Noonan syndrome Steele Richardson olszewski syndrome
Dissociative disorders Urination painful Stein leventhal syndrome
Diverticulitis Urine albumin Stenosing tenosynovitis
Dizziness Urine bad smelling offensive Stenosis aortic valve
Double vision Urine bloody Stenosis mitral valve
Down syndrome Urine retention Stenosis pulmonary valve
Dreams fearful and disturbing Urticaria Stenosis pyloric
Dreams sexual Uterine cancer Stenosis spinal
Dressler’s syndrome Uterine fibroids Sterility
Dropsy Uterine polyps Stevens johnson syndrome
Drugs addiction Uterine prolapse Stickler syndrome
Dry cough Uterus didelphys Stiff neck
Dry eyes UTI Still’s disease
Dry Hair Uveal melanoma Stomach burning
Dry mouth Uveitis Stomach cancer
Dry skin Vagina dry Stomach distension or bloating
Dry Vagina Vaginal atrophy Stomach flu
Dry Chapped Lips Vaginal cancer Stomach gas
Ductal carcinoma in situ Vaginismus Stomach pain non ulcer
Dumping syndrome Vaginitis Stomach polyps
Duodenal ulcer Valley fever Stomach ulcer
Dupuytren’s contracture Variant CJD Stomatodynia
Dust mite allergy Varicella Stones gallbladder
DVT Varices esophageal Stones kidney
Dwarfism Varicocele Stool bloody
Dysentery Varicose veins Stool fatty
Dyshidrosis Variola Stool holding
Dyslexia Vascular dementia Stool painful
Dysmenorrhea Vasculitis Stool undigested
Dyspareunia Vasomotor rhinitis Stool watery
Dyspepsia nonulcer Vasovagal syncope Strains
Dysphagia Venereal warts Streptoccocal throat
Dysrhythmias Ventricular premature contraction Stress
Dystonia Vertigo Stress fractures
Dysuria Vesicoureteral reflux Stress in corporate
E coli infection Vestibular schwannoma Stress in students
Ear block Vincent’s stomatitis Stress incontinence
Ear discharge Violent behavior Stretch marks
Ear drum perforation Viral gastroenteritis Stroke
Ear infection Viral hemorrhagic fevers Study aversion or fear
Ear itching Vision spots Stump pain
Ear noises Vision weak Stuttering
Ear wax excess Vital energy loss Stye
Earache ear pain Vitality and Sexual weakness Subconjunctival hemorrhage
Early menopause Vitiligo Subdural hematoma
Early puberty Vocal cord nodules Subfertility
Eating disorders Vocal cord paralysis Substance Abuse
Ebola virus Vocal cord polyp Suicidal thoughts and disposition
Ectopic heartbeat Voice hoarse Sunburn
Ectopic pregnancy Voice loss Sunstroke
Eczema Vomiting Superstition
Edema and Swelling Vomiting headache during Surgery complaints
Edema pulmonary Vomiting journey or riding Suspicion
Egg allergy Vomiting morning Swallowing difficulties
Ehlers danlos syndrome Vomiting pregnancy Sweating bad smell offensive
Ehrlichiosis Von willebrand disease Sweating excessive
Ejaculation early Vulvar cancer Sweets craving and addiction
Embolism pulmonary Vulvodynia Sweet’s syndrome
Emotional trauma Warts Swelling
Emphysema Warts genital Swelling eyes under
Encephalitis Water retention Swelling face
Encopresis Weakness Swelling legs
Endocarditis Weather change complaints Swimmer’s ear
Endocrine Complaints Weather related diseases Swimmers’ itch
Hypothyroidism Wegener’s granulomatosis Swollen lymph nodes
Endometrial cancer Weight excess Syncope vasovagal
Endometrial polyps Weight loss Syndrome X
Endometriosis Weight low Synostosis
Energy lack West Nile virus Syphilis
Enlarged breasts in men Wheat allergy Systemic sclerosis
Enlarged liver Whiplash Tachycardia
Enlarged prostate Whipple’s disease Takayasu’s arteritis
Enlarged spleen White patch Tapeworm infection
Enlarged thyroid Whiteheads TB
Enterocele Whooping cough Tea craving and addiction
Enuresis Will power weakness Tears decreased production
Epicondylitis lateral Wilms’ tumor Teeth abscess
Epidermoid cysts Wilson’s disease Teeth caries
Epidermolysis bullosa Winter ailments Teeth decay
Epididymitis Wisdom teeth impacted Teeth grinding
Epidural hematoma Wolff Parkinson white syndrome Teeth loose
Epiglottitis Worms Teething complaints
Epilepsy Wounds slow healing Teething delayed and poor
Erectile dysfunction Wrinkles Teething problems
Erection weak or lack Wrist pain Temporal arteritis
Erythema infectiosum X Syndrome Temporal lobe seizure
Erythema multiforme major Xerosis Temporomandibular disorders
Esophageal cancer Xerostomia Tendinitis
Esophageal spasms Yawning excessive Tendinitis achilles
Esophageal ulcer Yeast infection Tendinitis patellar
Esophageal varices Yellow fever Tennis elbow
Esophagus barrett’s Yersinia pestis Tenosynovitis de Quervain’s
Essential tremor Zits Tension headache
Examination fear Zollinger ellison syndrome Testicle retractile
Excess facial hair in women Zoster Testicle undescended
Excess growth hormone Frontal lobe seizures Testicular cancer
Excess skin hair Frontotemporal dementia Testosterone deficiency
Excessive daytime sleepiness Frontotemporal lobar degeneration Tetanus
Excessive menstrual bleeding Frost bite Tetraplegia
Exercise headache Frozen shoulder TGA
Exercise induced asthma Fugue dissociative Thalassemia
External compression headache Fulminant liver failure Thirst excess
External otitis Fungal infection Thoracic outlet syndrome
Extrasystole Fungal infection nail Thoughts unwanted disturbing
Eye black spots GAD Throat cancer
Eye flashes Galactorrhea Throat choking
Eye floaters Gall stone colic Throat clearing frequent
Eye melanoma Gallbladder cancer Throat lump
Eye pain Gallstones Throat Obstruction
Eye sparks Gambling addiction Thromboangiitis obliterans
Eyelid inflammation Gambling compulsive Thrombocytopenia
Eyes dry Ganglion Thrombophlebitis
Eyes watering Ganglion cysts Thrombosis
Face swelling Gangrene Thrush oral
Facial hair excess in women Food poisoning Thyroid cancer
Facial palsy Foot drop Thyroid gland enlargement
Factitious disorder Foot fracture Thyroid nodules
Fainting Forestier’s disease Thyroid overactive
Fallen arches Forgetful Thyroid underactive
Familial mediterranean fever Fracture Thyroiditis chronic lymphocytic
Familial paroxysmal peritonitis Fracture nonhealing TIA
Family history of diseases Freckles Tibial tuberosity apophysitis
Farsightedness Frontal lobe epilepsy Tic douloureux
Fatty liver Fear crowd Tinea barbae
Fear air journey Fear disease Tinea capitis
Fibroids uterus Fear exam Tinea corporis
Fibromyalgia Fear height Tinea cruris
Fibromyomas Fear public speaking Tinea pedis
Fibrosis cystic Fear school Tinea versicolor
Fibrosis interstitial pulmonary Fear sex Tinnitus
Fibrosis lungs Fear social TMJ disorders
Fibrosis pulmonary Fear stage Tobacco craving and addiction
Fibrous dysplasia Febrile seizure Toe nail fungus
Fifth disease Fecal incontinence Tonic clonic seizure
Filoviruses Feelings lack of Tonsillitis
Fissure in ano Female sexual dysfunction Tonsillitis recurrent
Fistula in ano Female Sterility Tooth decay
Flat foot Fetal alcohol syndrome Toothache
Flatulence Fever Torn meniscus
Flavi viruses Fever blister Torticollis spasmodic
Floaters Fever intermittent Tourette syndrome
Floppy valve syndrome Fever recurrent Toxemia
Flu Fever relapsing Toxic hepatitis
Flu avian Fever unknown origin Toxic shock syndrome
Flu bird Fever valley Toxins and toxicity
Folate deficiency anemia Fevers viral hemorrhagic Toxoplasmosis
Folliculitis Trachoma Travel Sickness
Food allergy Transient global amnesia Traveler’s diarrhea
Food borne illness Transient ischemic attack Trigeminal neuralgia
Trembling Transverse myelitis Trigger finger
Trembling hands Traumatic brain injury Trisomy 21 syndrome
Tremor Traumatic grief Truncus arteriosus
Trench mouth Ulcer Trypanosomiasis american
Trichinosis Ulcer aphthous Tuberculosis
Trichomoniasis Ulcer gastric Tuberculosis drug resistant
Trichotillomania Ulcer gastric and duodenal Tuberous sclerosis
Tricuspid atresia Ulcer mouth Tularemia
Undescended testicle Ulcer nonhealing Tumor
Unstable angina Ulcer peptic Tumor spinal
Urethra infection Ulcer pressure Tumors
Urethra stricture Ulcer venous Turner syndrome
Urge incontinence Ulcerative colitis Type 1 diabetes
URI Underactive thyroid Type 2 diabetes
Urinary incontinence Underweight Typhoid fever
Urinary tract infection Urination difficult Urination involuntary

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